Laboratory for Advanced Computing and Systems

The Lab

The Laboratory for Advanced Computing and Systems (LACS) is located at the Faculty of Computer Science of the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, in the Alps. There, leading scientists in data management, software engineering and intelligent systems work on projects that are internationally recognised and financed by private companies and public institutions. LACS is involved in several research projects, many in collaboration with industry and academic institutions world-wide.


We investigate fundamental questions in the intersection between linear algebra, graph mining and parallel and distributed computing system with an emphasis on big-data. Following HW/SW co-design principle, the mission of the lab is to provide the knowledge for delivering cutting-edge technology along the stack ranging from architecture and low-level optimizations to algorithm design and heuristics. Check our research areas of interest here


An international team of researchers with multidisciplinary skills makes LACS a vibrant and dynamic environment. Check out our scientific staff and students.

Join Us

We are always on the hunt for outstanding talents to join our multidisciplinary Lab at all levels.
Whether you are a promising student or an experienced researcher, here at LACS there is a lot of fun for you.
Several research thesis are available in many different areas.
Highly qualified students looking for an internship in the lab are also encouraged to contact us.
Ph.D. students who are interested to work on the areas of complex systems, parallel and distributed computing, graph algorithms or linear algebra are encouraged to apply.
Postdoctoral positions are also available for candidates with an excellent academic track record.

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