HPC Summer School 2020

Warning: due to COVID-19 emergency, all the following info in this page is still to be defined. We will update it as soon as possible

HPC Summer school: introduction to parallel systems and programming

High-Performance Computing (HPC) plays a fundamental role in many areas of science, engineering, and industry to tackle computational expensive problems. HPC techniques are essential not only for computational scientists that want to take full advantage of parallel shared-memory architectures and distributed systems with hundreds of thousands of processors but also for data-scientist that want to analyze large amounts of data (big-data).

What You Will Learn:

The Summer School on Parallel Computing is an intense, 3 days, graduate-level course in HPC, with the objective of providing the participants with the skills to program and exploit modern parallel computing systems like traditional CPU multi-core, accelerators such as GPUs as well as distributed systems.

The school aims at providing fundamentals concepts and hands-on sessions focusing on the tools needed to HPC productivity (including for instance bash, batch systems, profilers, and debuggers)  and more advanced topics including parallel architectures, parallel programming, and optimization techniques.

In particular, you will:

  • Have knowledge of HPC architectures in general and in particular, the HPC systems at Free University of Bozen-Bolzano and the HPC cluster located in Vienna and how to use such resources;
  • Be familiar with fundamental parallelization techniques;
  • Write simple programs on shared and distributed memory paradigm (OpenMP and MPI programming);
  • Understand fundamental concepts on distributed memory systems paradigm MPI;
  • Apply tools available for debugging and profiling of application codes.

Who can Apply?

The school targets final year master students, PhD students, and young and senior researchers from Free University of Bozen and Eurac Research, interested in the use of technologies on high-performance computing.

Program Dates:

The date are still to be defined. We will update date info as soon as possible.

How to Apply?

You can apply by compiling the form at the bottom of this page

Course Director and Lecturers (provisional):

This list is provisional due to COVID-19 emergency. We will inform you about any changes as soon as possible

General Chair:
Flavio Vella
Local organizing Committee: Bruno Carpentieri, Cristiano Maria Cumer, Paolo Sylos Labini, Giulio Sciortino

Need more info?

If you need more info about the summer school, feel free to send a mail to info@lacs.it

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