Warning: due to COVID-19 emergency, all the following info in this page is still to be defined. We will update it as soon as possible


The workshops are going to offer to the students, researchers and practitioners of Tyrol and Trentino area high-quality lectures on cutting-edge methodologies in data science and High-Performance computing by following hardware/software co-design principles.

Specifically, the talks will address topics including Deep Learning, Graph Analytics, and application in biological systems from the computing systems (e.g., parallel architectures, cloud/IoT,  parallel programming), algorithms and application perspective. The initiative plans to offer 5 research seminars for each event.

Credit: 1 credit How to get credit: attending both the events + test


The date are still to be defined. We will update date info as soon as possible.

Topics Covered and Lecturers (provisional):

This list is provisional due to COVID-19 emergency. We will inform you about any changes as soon as possible

  1. Parallel Architecture for Data Analytics
  2. Advanced topics in distributed memory systems
  3. Programming models for Accelerators
  4. Multi-Objective Optimization in HPC
  5. Clouds for analyzing big-data
  6. Parallel Graph Analytics – Flavio Vella
  7. Protein Coarse Graining Simulation. A network-based approach
  8. Statistical methods in data science
  9. Temporal series in data analytics – Johann Gamper’s research
  10. Tool for HPC Data Analytics (RAPIDS AI) – Nvidia


There will be one test consisting in either:

  • A presentation about the state of the art of 1 of the topics proposed by lectures OR
  • A small survey (tech report) about 1 of the topics proposed by lectures

Registration Form:

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